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Engineering Emotions


People rely on emotions to make brand decisions. That’s not just our gut feeling – it’s been proven by neuroscientists. Emotions are the universal human language and the primary means by which we learn new behavior.

That’s why advertising is all about emotional triggers. We create them consistently in every interface between your brand and its stakeholders. We build your brand connection with customers throughout their journey.

We call it engineering emotions. The only way to truly connect with customers. Because your brand is only as strong as it is in the heart.

Gutzandglory Office

what we do

We create meaningful brand experiences in every channel, online as well as offline and in every advertising and activation discipline. We deliver emotional experiences based on futureproof consumer insights, consistently built with strong creativity. 

Creativity is not a goal, it’s a tool to trigger emotions. It’s the most powerful method to solve business challenges. Our goal is to reach your glory: to tick the boxes of your objectives, by creating emotional content with a strong strategic foundation.

who we are

We’re an independent agency with an entrepreneurial spirit. We form an agile and hands-on clan with proven experience in advertising, activation, media, digital and brand design. Small enough to care and big enough to make it happen.

Get in touch, so we can put some glory in your story.  

Our disciplines

Brand strategy

Starting from your unique consumer benefit, we guide you towards excellence.

Brand design

We’re craftsmen. We’re all about shapes, textures, UX, colour, typography, swipes, details and materials. 

Content creation

Your story needs to be told. We develop creative services and conversation topics. Yearbooks, too. 


In an integrated approach, smart and creative advertising is even more crucial than ever. 

Brand & sales activation

We don’t just tell or show your brand’s story: we let consumers experience it. We demonstrate your brand through services, games, events and entertainment.

Digital strategy & development 

We harness every aspect of digital marketing to catalyse brand strategy and business effectiveness.