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November 08, 2011

5 nieuwe klanten: sp.a, Gero Wonen, Vancia Car Lease, Kortrijk Xpo en Kuurne Brussel Kuurne

5 nieuwe klanten: sp.a, Gero Wonen, Vancia Car Lease, Kortrijk Xpo en Kuurne Brussel Kuurne

Gutzandglory is proud to announce five new partnerships. This extension of our client portfolio is a consequence of our efforts since our start-up in 2009 to create well-founded, attractive and outstanding advertising for clients in different sectors, and of our continuous investment in talent, training, research and pitching. We are proud to welcome the Flemish socialist party, sp.a, for their full campaign development for the 2012 communal elections. Starting from a creative concept we are setting up an elaborate campaign manual with template applications for each town and throughout different media, including the activation and pre-campaigning for the different communal party subdivisions.

Secondly, we happily start to work for Gero Wonen, a leading Belgian furniture retailer. With this project we integrate our profound knowledge of retail communication in general (and of the furniture business more specifically, based on our experience with eg. Natuzzi) with refreshing imagery and campaigning. For Gero we will start from rebranding on the occasion of the totally renewed store, moving further on to full media development. Gero specifically intends to gather wider brand awareness in a larger region, based on their extensive gamut and the size of their brand new (brand) home.

The automotive sector discovered the meaning of “Gutz and Glory” as well: Vancia Rent, Belgium’s 9th car lease company, chose us to develop a new strategy including brand identity and campaigning. We are pleased to be able to combine creativity and market strategy in order to push Vancia further amidst the strongly competitive car lease sector.

The dynamic team of Kortrijk Xpo set their first steps with us as well. Their decennial professional fair for the graphic sector will be turned into a professional festival for the future of signage and visual communication. In 2012 (September 9th-11th), Sign2Com will continue Grafi+Sign’s tradition into a brand new philosophy of the most innovative applications in graphic production and all types of visual communication—from mobile advertising, outdoor and large-format printing up to tremendous 3D realisations and digital applications. Together with Kortrijk Xpo we developed the full event concept, the name and the brand identity, moving on to full media development and participant recruitment.

Finally we put the pedal to the metal for Kuurne Brussel Kuurne: "Koninklijke Sportingclub Kuurne" chose Gutzandglory as their partner for rebranding and repositioning their exquisite event.

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