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March 02, 2017

Looking for Strategic Planner with epic vision

Looking for Strategic Planner with epic vision

A little less conversation, a bit more action. We’re all for that. So if you’re an experienced strategist who loves getting things done, we’d love to meet you. And we have a hunch you’d fit right in here.

So what will you be doing at Gutzandglory?

  • You will take a central role in our agency, collaborating closely with the entire team.
  • Your wit will put the glory in our clients’ story.
  • Your substantiated gut feeling will put the creative team on the right track to the most creative and effective campaigns.
  • You’ll dive into the core business and markets of our existing national and international clients, throughout all sectors, as well as for pitches.
  • You’ll stretch from creative project briefs to long term business strategy, and enlighten us with market insights, market research analysis and trend inspiration.   

You’re a bright strategic all-rounder and great to work with. You’re not afraid to dream and aim high: for yourself, your clients and for the team. 5 years of experience in communication strategy in a nationally relevant agency and a master’s degree would be nice.

Got the vision? Call us or send your application letter or video to

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