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Future-proof brand identity

LVMEB-ANPEB is the oldest Belgian federation of electricians. We saw the huge potential of this organization to look ahead and become the lead influencer and servicer for electricians and technicians in a world where technology, lifestyle and construction are integrated. 

Eloya logo

Electrical installations, domotics, ventilation technology, data: electricians and technicians have become all the more crucial when building or renovating. LVMEB-ANPEB wants to lead its members further in every aspect of their profession. Simultaneously, the federation wants to become a reference brand and label for consumers, guaranteeing spotless and safe service. Gutzandglory transformed the brand into Eloya, giving new meaning to the word "electrician".

Two Eloya electricians at work
Eloya stationery

Besides the new brand name and a fresh brand identity, we set up a straightforward and powerful communication strategy and a photography set that allows the federation to communicate more emotionally. 

The Eloya brochures for consumers and professionals

We structured the association’s product offering and created different tools to increase the number of memberships as well as to get in touch with consumers.


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