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Inspiring ways of living

“Inspiring ways of living” is Etex’s promise to people around the globe. We continuously develop the company’s corporate and internal communication, translating its strategy into emotional and touching tools and a strong visual language. 

Two construction workers looking at building plan

Etex develops and produces cladding and building boards, fire protection and insulation, ceramic tiles and roofing. Over 17000 employees are active in 118 factories for 102 companies in 43 countries.  

Responsive Etex website

The global Sitecore-based group website is one of our recent key projects. This extensive platform offers a clear overview of the group's vision and activities to global stakeholders and unites best-in-class UX design.

We develop the company’s corporate and internal communication tools, translating “inspiring ways of living” into emotional and touching channels and a strong visual language. 

An overview of the Etex Annual Report

During the past three years we have been improving information architecture and usability of the group annual report.

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