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Every child deserves happiness

The child benefits system changed in Belgium. Whereas before it was automatically paid through your employer’s social office, it now will be taken care of by one of four new payment institutions. KidsLife is one of them. They asked Gutzandglory to position the brand in the market and to create an awareness campaign for it.

All four institutions pay the same amount at the same time, so the brand positioning is where we had to make a difference. As it’s the only child benefits payment institution with ‘kids’ in its name, we focused on exactly that: the children – and their happiness. Because after all, that’s what child’s benefits are for and a happy kid is what every parent wants.

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So in the new KidsLife campaign we made real kids the star of this campaign, and let them have a say about what makes them happy. In an online video we featured a social experiment that started from the question: “What would children do with the child benefit, if it was given directly to them”. The results were surprising and heartwarming. The full length Youtube video was featured on the KidsLife website and ran as a Facebook video. YouTube pre-rolls, trailers on Facebook and banners all led to the video.

In the radio ads a bunch of kids excitedly share what makes them happy when they do some of their favourite activities such as playing outside, cooking or taking a bath. Cuteness overload, featured on Q-Music, Joe, MNM, StuBru and Nostalgie.

Both the video and radio ads invited parents to reflect on what it is that makes their kid happy. Because as a parent you know best what your child needs to thrive, KidsLife just gives you the extra help you need with its child benefits.

This awareness campaign, ran together with an online performance campaign on Google display and social targeted at parents who are expecting a newborn.

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