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Because pets are family too

Because pets are family too. That’s the new baseline we created for Beaphar - the global petcare company. Our pets are family too and therefore they deserve the very best care: accessible, affordable and quality products.

Beaphar_Gutzandglory_Logo baseline.jpg

It’s also something loving pet owners easily agree on, and it reflects the core values of the founders of the company. It defines a strong reason-why for the entire existing product portfolio and it’s a clear pointer for future innovations.

As a first expression of this complete strategic repositioning, we created 3 brand visuals where we see our four-legged furry friends happily participating in family activities, as if they were truly one of the two-legged family members themselves.


These three brand visuals are used in over 80 countries in ads, in-store and corporate materials, exhibition booths, B2B communications and more. More campaigns and activations will follow soon on a global level. 


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