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Draw me your family

To prove that the new Beaphar baseline ‘Because pets are family too’ really makes sense, we set up a surprising social experiment. We asked children from 4 families from 4 different European backgrounds the same question: “draw a picture of your family.” Without knowing from each other, parents and kids were tested at separate locations. In the video-taped experiment we asked them who the members of the family were.

The answers from the kids and the parents were quite different... and very eye-opening for the adults. Kids prove to have stronger intuitions and insights into what really counts in family bonding. They find it self-evident that pets are part of the family.

The video of the social experiment targets more than 80 countries, where Beaphar is active. With special focus on the 5 big historic home markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. The video uses online channels like Facebook and YouTube, with the support of a PR campaign.

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