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The bank that dares

Within the Crelan Group, Europabank focuses on loans, leasing and saving. Although the bank has a large offering for entrepreneurs, craftsmen and small to mid-size companies, it is not yet commonly known as an important player in this market. That's why we launched this first brand campaign.

For the first time in over 25 years, Europabank went on air again. A series of radio commercials invites entrepreneurs to confide in "the bank that has the guts". 

The campaign launches a new brand positioning. Europabank allows you to accomplish your ambitions. Other than most large banks, they look at your competencies and mainly, your dreams, in order to decide to support you."De bank die durft" is the new baseline. 

Have a listen to the loans and leasings commercials with a hint of percussion, as they were heard on Studio Brussels, Q-Music and Joe FM.


We launched a print campaign in major newspapers and in specialist journals, as well as online bannering and a print mailing campaign.

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